About Auto Control Medical™

Auto Control Medical is a privately-owned Canadian company with origins in Ontario and Quebec. From its head office in Toronto, it distributes healthcare through pharmacies and homecare stores coast to coast.

Throughout its impressive development, Auto Control Medical has focused on self-monitoring products including LifeSource digital home blood pressure monitors, the iTest blood glucose meter, LifeSource digital and ear thermometers and personal scales, Respironics respiratory products, Unifine Pentips and Penfine Universal Click insulin pen needles, UltiCare insulin syringes, ErecAid impotence pumps, ExtendBar nutritional bars and insulin pump accessories.

The development of a strong focus on self-monitoring devices plays an important role in Auto Control Medical’s success. The introduction of new items in Auto Control’s product line involves considerable groundwork. Auto Control’s reputation for product knowledge, training sessions and effective communication all serve to help bring new innovative products to market quickly and effectively.